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It’s true that a logo is the core identity of a brand and sometimes companies can blast it out of the park in one go. Other times a logo can go through a transition that is interesting to see as the years go by. When edits and modifications take place to enhance or compensate a movement in a certain direction, it’s imperative to be sure that the changes make sense for the sake of longevity.  

Throughout the tenure of todoMobile’s existence there have been at least 6 iterations, some larger than others. However, based on the transformation of the company they each have made sense in certain aspects. There have been two mistakes that could have been largely avoided however the learnings have been significant enough whereby we have created new logo designs for companies in one shot. It’s worth mentioning that it is imperative to really take the necessary amount of analysis to guarantee that either a redesign or iteration is needed. At the end of the day, you need to stick with your name too because changing your logo is one thing but removing a word or changing word is a whole other topic.  

1) Is the Business or Identity Being Properly Reflected?

When the name came about of todo mobile, I was still in London working for another company and thought the name had the right ring to it. A few months later, when subcontracting design. The very first logo in 2014 represented the interconnectedness of the world through mobile. I feel as though the identity was properly reflected and maybe the design was rudimentary at best, but the name was wrong! Every single person that was not Spanish speaking that the name was To Do Mobile. It was never meant to be that and even the designer thought it was supposed to be To Do Mobile in this first iteration.  

2) What About the Marketplace?

I remember one of our first exhibitions in MWC Barcelona where our new refreshed logo was unveiled and the positive comments that were received from many peers. We were now more relevant to the marketplace. A logo redesign was very helpful in transmitting a higher sense of confidence to existing customers that we were indeed up to date and not stuck in 2005.  

3) Are We Big Enough Now to Remove the Mobile?

The fact of the matter was that removing a word for your logo can be a smart move such as the example of the Facebook famously displayed in the Social network. The problem with removing mobile from our logo was that going for TODO in the Spanish speaking market would be a disaster. It simply doesn’t make sense that your company is everything and nothing at the same time. A massive mistake which makes the 2014 logo look like a better direction! I am positive some people still thought we were To Do. 

4) What Is the Best of Every World?

As the todoMobile business went through many changes it became apparent that a natural evolution who need to address first and foremost the brand. In many cases committing the previous error could be so devastating the confidence of a brand that it could be irreparable to revert. I am of the belief that a company’s personality can overcome these types of obstacles and to reflect a sense of perseverance that is unwavering to the old startup days and that addresses the fact that being always mobile is the true essence of the word todoMobile (small case on the t to avoid ever having to hear To Do!). Finally, we got it and it’s ok to be up front with mistakes if they are dealt with properly.  

Logo redesign is an acceptable way to move a brand forward. A refresh is even better and that’s what we’ve done to address all the mounting issues surrounding the repair of the brand. Refreshing is obviously less of a drastic approach and can make design elements maintain their integrity while working with an expert designer that can pinpoint the issue straight on. This last iteration is an example of a small shift on lower case font that did the trick. Modernized typography without changing colour schemes or making any other cosmetic changes was the solution. All of this probably could have been avoided and it’s important to raise some questions to ensure that everything is working from the onset.  

Things to Consider:

1) What Is Not Working?

Pinpoint the elements that are obviously standing out. 

2) What if Anything Is Working Well?

Identify elements such as colours or even typography that is working. In this case the colour schemes were loyal along with the conceptualization. 

3) Do We Still Have Clients That Identify With the Current Logo?

In our case we did have a number of clients that lived through the entire lifespan of the logo but it was worth thinking about how drastic any change could have as far as perception was concerned. With many changes, there could be doubts regarding indecisiveness. That cannot be undone. It’s worth noting that proper foresight and thought should go into any change regarding a logo refresh or redesign. The final call is as important as it is to the business and to the bottom line. One must live with it –  

September 10th, 2021

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