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Mobile Marketing Events Turn Virtual

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The world as it was will never be the same. Although our motto is #alwaysmobile, this could be easily changed now to #alwaysvirtual. Essentially, they mean the same but with physical distancing it’s become more apparent that being connected is important to keeping businesses and campaigns alive. Although distancing has provided a different dynamic to the industry, things have not changed all that much for people that already had the freedom to work remotely. In this piece we are going to discuss the emergence of virtual events within the mobile marketing event sector. Specifically, which organizations are adjusting their setups accordingly to deliver value to attendees and sponsors. 

Mobile Growth Summit (MGS)Mobile Growth Summit Logo

MGS recently decided to combine all of their international mobile marketing events into one global virtual event. Instead of rescheduling events, or cancelling, they decided to reimagine them. International markets of UK, Singapore, LatAm and New York have been combined into one event. This provides attendees with a lot of opportunities to network remotely from abroad and learn the nuances of other marketplaces. In a nutshell, attendees will have access to all of these markets without incurring the costs of travel. How this translates into a valuable experience is yet to be determined as with all other virtual events.  

MGS takes place June 2nd-4th 2020 and boasts 100+ speakers. Further information is here.

App Growth Summit LogoApp Growth Summit (AGS)

Now when it comes to a more niche mobile marketing event, AGS is adapting fast to the virtual world. They are taking the initiative to building their own summit-based platform to remain customized. 

The AGS shows seem to follow a stricter adherence for invite only attendees or sponsorship. This allows for stronger relationship building along with the idea that sales happen in an organic fashion which requires fostering and reinforcement. There is a strong emphasis on exhibiting top mobile publishers along with brand marketers.

There are a number of virtual events occurring for the markets of New York and Berlin. todo Mobile is interested in attending São Paulo at the end of June when hopefully this pandemic has concluded. The LatAm market is certainly growing at a healthy rate despite the current global issues.  

Various event for AGS can be viewed here.

App Promotion Summit (APS) LondonApp Promotion Summit Logo

APS London is one of the pioneers in the virtual space. They are the first mobile marketing event to have a virtual summit. The event began last week and continues on this week. Offering APS for free is a big plus. This allows anyone to dip their feet into the space prior to committing premium access or a sponsorship. 

One of the first talks that took place was by a rep from Skyscanner. It was an interesting presentation to view from the comfort of your home office in that, there was more to absorb by being able to comfortably take notes. Not only this, but it was an excellent talk regarding how brands improving despite the implications of the global pandemic.

Top supermarkets and top fitness brands are coming out on top with rankings in Sensor Tower showing this. It’s not that one can just ride this wave, the fundamentals of having a brand that concentrates on its users is what is paramount.

The other take away was that obviously the travel sector has taken a huge hit. However this is allowing brands, such as Skyscanner, to invest internally in improving their app marketing tech stack while acquisition efforts are paused in order to come back stronger when the market recovers.

The experience of attending this presentation was positive despite any preconceived notions that a talk done remotely might lack impact. This was untrue and it was great to see APS lead the way here. 

If you still have time to attend, you can do so remotely as there are 2 more days this week and next week (April 9-10, 13-14, 2020). Find more information here.  

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Mobile Marketing Association Logo

Another organization worth mentioning in the mobile marketing event space is the MMA. They have been present in the marketplace for a number of years and have wide global reach. The MMA has a much stronger presence of corporate brands in their membership.

The idea of moving everything virtual appears to have been a tight transition for them. The resources that are required to access whitepapers, industry case studies and market research analyses is far more superior than any of the other mobile related events.

As MMA IMPACT goes virtual maybe it’s safe to say that this could be indeed the future of modern marketing as they have coined it. Considering the MMA uses a membership model it is worth mentioning that this incurs a long-term investment. However, in our experience, the events are high quality whereby networking with speakers is very much possible and can be facilitated easily.

When comparing pricing with all other events, the MMA is more expensive. Yet as leaders in the space, a certain level of trust can be ascertained in regard to leveraging the experiential element to the virtual event and embracing it.  This being said, they are offering a limited time free registration for IMPACT.  

Registration for MMA IMPACT can be found here. 

Mobile Marketing MagazineMobile Marketing Magazine Logo

Finally, the Mobile Marketing Magazine is a widely circulated publication for brands. They hold Mobile & App Marketing Masterclasses for different regions. todo Mobile has engaged with this publication for the last couple years as it appears that the educational value provided to clients seems to be at a very high level.

The fact that specific webinars are going to be held in a virtual setting makes it an attractive way to engage brands with practical tutorials regarding topics ranging from transparency, attribution and analytics, in app brand engagement along with retention performance wise.

There is a number of mobile marketing events happening for the UK & EMEA along with North America and APAC in the coming months. Each mobile expert is provided a platform in order to champion a specific topic. They will be able to share powerful insights that exhibit their respective experience in the space. These events combine a balance of niche and quality that can generate long term engagements with industry thought leaders. 

Registration looks to be free as well. More information can be found here for London and here for New York.


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