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Mobile App Analytics: What is it? Why is it important?

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If you’re an app developer we recommended using one or more mobile app analytics solutions. These vendors provide invaluable feedback on the performance of your marketing efforts.

In essence, don’t run your marketing efforts blindly.

Before diving into the details of why you should be using a mobile app analytics solution it is worth defining each type. As the marketing technology sector grows it’s becoming increasingly difficult for app owners to qualify and select the right vendors.

Types of Mobile App Analytics

These software solutions are in four basic categories:

  1. In App Analytics
  2. App Store Analytics
  3. Advertising App Analytics
  4. Advertising Fraud Analytics

In App Analytics

What is happening in your app in terms of user performance?

How are they engaging with your app and what opportunities are present to improve your app experience?

All of these insights are important from a product marketing perspective. An In App Analytics solution can help advertisers increase in app engagement. As a result this will help people enjoy their in experience in your app.

App Store Analytics

There are currently over 5 million apps currently sitting in the both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Understanding the entire ecosystem can be extremely valuable to advertisers.

Above all these tools are invaluable when it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO). It’s critical to know where your app is appearing in search results as well how you are doing against your competitors.

Additionally, they are allowing product owners to understand customer feedback more contextually.

Advertising App Analytics

When you’re running marketing campaigns on mobile through various different channels you need a solid advertising app analytics partner. These partners handle all facets of attribution on acquisitions campaigns. Because of this you can understand where you are getting the best return on investment.

Attribution is defined measuring an install and tracking it through its lifetime.

Without an advertising app analytics partner in place your marketing efforts would be running blind. You wouldn’t be able to see if an install is coming in organically or through a paid channel.

Advertising Fraud Analytics

Unfortunately, the mobile app industry has been targeted by global fraudsters in an attempt to extract advertising dollars. As such, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from this type of malicious activity.

Having a solid fraud solution in place will provide a high return on investment. Previously, this would have been seen as a subcategory of “Advertising App Analytics” but with its expansive growth it’s become a category of its own.

How to Select the Right Mix

Not all advertisers have large enough budget to utilize the best tool selection to support their marketing efforts. Additionally, there is no one size fits all solution. The type of application, size of user base, primary region of use and many other factors, will contribute to your final decision. Furthermore it’s important to note that partnering with an app marketing agency can help you gain access to these tools sooner than if you were operating on your own.

To help guide you on the path to the right decision we recommend the following:

Know your app first.

At the very minimum you should have an In-App Analytics provider in place. This is important because it’s vital to understand how users are interacting with your app. Above all, you need the right information to improve your user experience and loyalty metrics to ultimately grow your app.

Next, find an edge on your competition.

After you have a more established user base, and are comfortable with your growth rate, consider working with an App Store Analytics partner. This will help in two ways:

  • You will acquire additional insights on competitors.
  • They will help you understand how you to improve your ASO strategy.

Getting traction? Open new channels with attribution.

Once you’ve reached a point where you are starting to see additional app store traction. Your app ranking is improving. And, your app landing page is optimized for conversion you will likely be starting to invest in paid channels. At this point you will likely want to invest in a more robust Advertising App Analytics solution.

Depending on where your projected growth is going you could opt for a free version (Firebase or Kochava). We recommend working with a premium supplier because it will allow for future growth. Opting for a free partner can become costly if you have to migrate in the future.

In addition, premium partners are bundling fraud analytics solutions. While not robust they offer an interim solution as you work your way towards a larger integration.

As you grow, watch out for fraud!

After you’ve implemented a solid in app analytics provider, seeing growth and are optimized in the App Store, it’s a good time to consider a stand-alone fraud solution.

As mentioned above, third party advertising analytics providers are starting to provide their own bundled fraud solutions. There are are a few important things to note:

  1. These solutions are marking their own homework. In other words, they rely on attribution to make money and thus there is a conflict of interest for them to flag fraud.
  2. Having a robust solution in place will provide the best protection. Ultimately this will save you large amounts of money from fraud. substantial.

Top Mobile App Analytics Vendors Per Category

In App Analytics


Localytics is a mobile engagement platform. They specialize in the mobile engagement space giving advertisers different options to engage with their audience based on the data collected through their SDK.


Mixpanel works across web and mobile to track customer analytics. Their tool allows you to complete in app A/B testing to help you engage and retain users.


Amplitude is an advanced customer analytics solution that specializes in using data to understand behavioural targeting. Their tool can be used across both web and in-app.


Pendo is a software analytics company that helps business understand web and app usage to drive product decisions. They use product and qualitative data to help app publishers make products that are great.


Clevertap is a user retention platform that helps advertisers retain and engage users by unifying and acting on customer data.

Firebase | Google Analytics

Built within Google’s Firebase SDK is Google Analytics for apps. This allows you to track up to 500 unique in app events to understand how your users are engaging with your app. With this data you can make more informed product and marketing decisions.


Heap is a product analytics company that captures web and app customer analytics. With their data you can increase your conversion rate in app and improve overall retention of users.

App Store Analytics

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower’s platform provides competitive app store intelligence insights for advertisers looking to increase their app downloads through app store optimization.

App Annie

App Annie help customers make great mobile experiences through their mobile app data market. They are market leaders in app store intelligence.


Apptopia provides app analytics and business intelligence. Relying on their data they provide actionable insights for advertisers to make informed decisions. 

App Figures

Appfigures is an app store intelligence platform. They monitor sales, download tracking, ad analytics, app store reviews and more.

Advertising App Analytics


Appsflyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform. They are a leader in independent measurement and innovative fraud protection tools for advertisers of all size.


Adjust is a mobile measurement, fraud prevention and cybersecurity partner. They help business by “making marketing simpler, smarter, and more secure”.


Kochava is a mobile attribution platform. They are also host of the largest independent mobile data marketplace, the Kochava Collective. They provide secure, real-time solutions to help customers identify, define, and activate audiences.


Singular is a mobile intelligence platform and attribution solution. They entered the market by unifying marketing analytics to allow marketers to make actionable insights based on unified data. In 2017, they acquired Apsalar to enter the mobile attribution space.


Branch is a deep-linking solutions company that advertisers use to deliver seamless experiences and increase return on investment. In 2018 Branch acquired TUNE’s mobile app tracking solution to enter the mobile attribution space.


Firebase is Google’s SDK for mobile attribution and in app measurement. Although there are limited 3rd party integrations the tool is good for companies looking to get started in the paid space.

Fraud Analytics

Forensiq by Impact

Forensiq is a fraud detection platform now integrated into Impact’s unified platform for ad fraud detection, marketing intelligence and partner management. They utilize advance machine-learning to identify and block various forms of ad fraud.

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

IAS is a data solutions company with a goal to establish a safer, more effective advertising ecosystem.


White Ops is a cybersecurity company that helps business with protection from automated threats including ad fraud, credential stuffing and fake engagement.


Moat is an analytics provider with a focus on making advertisers work better. This includes detailed snapshots of ad activity on the web and analytics that goes beyond impression and clicks.


DoubleVerify (DV) brings transparency to buyers and sellers by ensuring ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection and more.



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