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Results are our number one priority. Results are what todoMobile stands for. With many years of experience in the mobile marketplace, along with a keen eye for detail when it comes to numbers, we’ve become experts in producing and running successful campaigns that generate quality results for our clients. As an extension of this, we’re firm believers that if any campaign does not complete its core objective nor trend towards it then upfront agency fees are simply not justified. Campaign results are the only thing that matter at the end of the day.

For us here at todoMobile, the process of guaranteeing results lies in the collective actions taken prior to campaign launch. For example, custom bespoke data visualization based on key objectives is one of the primary reasons why a campaign will trend towards its goal in the long-run and how we most effectively analyze and optimize our campaigns for success. With custom reporting and traditional marketing working in tandem towards a campaign’s overall success, it’s important that the effectiveness of each impression be accounted for and tracked for future optimizations on both the web and mobile level. This is because accounting for impressions is a macroeconomic function that allows for future planning and the consolidation of expenditures. Results at the conclusion of the month can also paint a bear or bull market picture of what trends are taking place, how they are evolving, and how to judge curves.

Programmatic advertising essentially allows marketers to enter the bull market of competing platforms and has become a commonplace practice for brands looking to efficiently achieve results. However, it’s important to note that results that benefit the bottom-line can more easily be achieved by constantly evaluating the marketplace and effectively adapting to change. For example, with the iOS14 update coming in early 2021, a whole marketplace is being shifted, forcing brands and agencies to adapt to changing software and technology. Further, key performance objectives are facing an imminent change with updates to segmentation and privacy. It’s likely that internal teams will no longer serve the same purpose as what they had previously served in recent years. As a result, many brands and agencies may be forced to re-evaluate their marketing approach and reporting tactics in order to generate an accurate overview of how campaigns perform.

Results are often achieved through a combination of different factors. Traditional media, such as broadcast television and OOH, maintains an important role, serving a brand well for its positioning to the masses when transparency and maximizing reach are important metrics of a campaign. Whereas digital ads have proven to be more effective when it comes to impacting purchasing decisions in real-time due in large part to targeting and content. Therefore, it’s important for brands to strategically think about not only what they want to say to consumers, but also how and when they say it, with different touchpoints playing different roles in the consumer journey. In short, although content might be king, creative is queen, with the two working together with both holding an important and crucial role to the overall success of any brand or campaign. Although it may seem daunting to make any guarantee about a campaign’s success, the implementation of strategic planning that combines creative and content, or messaging and placement, will increase any campaign’s likelihood of a successful outcome and positive results. Therefore, success relies on a hybrid approach in which impression tracking and geo-mapping are of key importance, in tandem with quality creative and clear messaging. As a result, privacy is not encroached upon and yet creative is able to stay relevant.

Creativity and innovation are key to the success of any results-oriented business. By adopting this mindset and applying it to a long-term view of a business, the likelihood of a workplace becoming adaptable under external pressures is maximized, thus increasing the overall odds of success and profitable results. By extension, by employing a creative and innovative approach to business, one can rest assured that they can better roll with the punches and stay afloat during times of hardship that might otherwise take down less adaptable and innovative competition, something that has become especially clear this past year in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

In sports, the best teams are led to championships by the most experienced players. The same can be seen in other professional industries in which people have worked together for years or have otherwise fostered positive and productive working relationships with one another. Urgency and scrambling should never cause a pressing catastrophe in business and can be avoided in most circumstances in which a team is able to be agile and adaptable in their current circumstances. The uncertainty of achieving specific objectives can be a poignant moment throughout the course of a campaign’s duration. Data observation and cross-checking, in combination with dynamic creative, creates an algorithm that is not controlled by third parties, thus allowing brands and agencies alike to control their own success as much as possible. When e-commerce and retail allow the motor of mobile to be further accelerated, it can be concluded that the aforementioned elements work altogether as the modus operandi of generating positive results. Relationships and strategic advertising, paired with real-time optimizations to enhance results, all channel into a transformation taking place in the mobile marketing industry. Taking a holistic approach to advertising and marketing will ensure any brand’s business strategy is best positioned for success, with it being important to place equal emphasis on also allowing brands and agencies the room and autonomy to make careful and qualitative adjustments as needed.

Market research is on the verge of making a strong comeback in the mobile space as brands re-evaluate their gathering of customer data. When this is conducted in an open and opt-in matter, everyone can turn into a winner while achieving results as it enables brands and agencies to devise learnings based on past results, and subsequently optimize current and future campaigns accordingly with those learnings implemented. Focus groups, along with frequent A/B testing, also pave the way for branding and content to achieve a positive impact in the marketplace. Strategic execution becomes even more important to ensure effective delivery. Marketing, in turn, becomes more essential for brands of all sizes to prioritize in their overall business plans. Regardless of the size of a company, strong results can be achieved through a combination of holistic and strategic thinking along with regular analysis and optimizations.

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