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Benefits of using Apple Search Ads

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Apple Search Ads is a platform that allows your app to be found on the Apple app store through the search functionality. It is a form of app store optimization (ASO) that helps app creators give exposure to their apps so that users can find them on the app store when they search for it. Apple Search Ads complements ASO as they both require an app’s home page to be optimized to entice users to download the app.  

There are some great advantages to investing some of your marketing budget into Apple Search Ads. One of those reasons is the high conversion rate that the platform can achieve. Apple advertises a 50% conversion rate while 65% of users who use the search function download the app they are searching for. These are numbers that most advertisers dream of as a 50% conversion rate is very high. That means that on average, globally, 50% of users who search for an app install the app after they find the right app. This metric is important for developers because the more downloads it gets, the more people use the app and that is how developers derive revenue for the app.  

This brings us to another advantage of using Apple Search Ads which is the users it attracts. Apple search ads attracts organic, higher quality users than other sources typically doOrganic users are ideal for developers because they installed the app on their own free will without having to be rewardedOrganic users install the app with intent, which means they are looking for an app to use whereas someone who installed the app through an advertisement may not have a need to use the app. As mentioned earlier, active users benefit developers therefore organic users are great to have. 

As for the Apple Search Ads platform itself, it is straightforward and easy to use. Multiple keyword campaigns can be created for an app and you can set the budget at the amount you would like to spend on bidding. You can set a daily maximum budget, or you can be aggressive with your budget and use it as fast as possible. Budgets are spent by placing bids on keywords so when people are using the search functionality, your app will appear higher up on the search results page. Apple will suggest bid ranges based on what other developers are bidding so you can see generally the amount the keyword is going for.  

There are several types of keyword campaigns including exact match, broad match and discovery. Exact match consists of terms that are associated to the app. Broad matches match search phrases to more general terms related to your app such as “travel”, so this way helps you reach a more general audience. Discovery campaigns can be helpful as it helps find keywords that are not obviously related to the app. Once found, these new keywords can be added to the exact match terms that will boost results. 

Apple Search Ads is a great platform to add to your media mix strategy to increase downloads and active users. It complements ASO as it requires you to optimize your app homepage to be successful. The platform is easy to use and it will help you reach a wider audience while bringing in high quality, organic users who will use the appIf you want to learn more about Apple Search Ads, they have a free certification program that will educate you on everything about the platform and prepare you for using the platform.  



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